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There’s Only You Now

Photo by Samson Katt from Pexels

I think the one thing you aren’t taught when you begin the journey of coming back to yourself is that you and your higher self aren’t two separate entities. A lot of people in the spiritual community would often talk to you about consulting with the wisdom of your higher self before you make decisions or would recommend you to read books on how you can connect with your higher self. But the thing is, your higher self is you. It’s not a future version of you, or a better version of you. It is just you. Right now. The core of your being. Your intuition is a side effect of being in your higher power. Your intuition isn’t something to connect with. It’s just a knowing that you know. It’s the knowledge and wisdom that you as your higher self knows.

Why do we always feel like our higher selves is in the future? Like the life we want is in the future? But it’s not. It’s all now. You are your higher self. You aren’t a separate person. You are you. You are your future self. And if your higher self isn’t the future you, or the fully healed you or the you that fully has boundaries in place, then that must mean that your higher self is the you now and it’s you now that has control over your life. It’s you now that has to start making decisions for yourself, it’s you now that has to realize that your life is yours to control. Break out of the subconscious thinking that you don’t have a say in your life. You can make life what you want of it. The time to quit your job is now. The time to start over is now. The time to become independent is now. What is that one step you can do now to help you step into your power? Your future self has abs? No you have abs. So start working out because as you have seen that picture, so it shall be. If you don’t want to do masters? If you want to travel? If your parents want a particular occupation for you? Break out of that stagnant pattern. Your life is yours alone. Fear is natural. But trust in yourself, your spirit team and the universe is what will get you through.

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