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Just Walk Away

So I just encountered a very toxic energy and for the first time that I can remember, I lost my appetite. My spirit said “nope.” I actually analyzed the situation and thought to myself “this could have been handled so much better.” Because the situation was so small, you know? It didn’t need to escalate like that at all. And it was family issues. Family, you know? When it comes down to parents in an African home, you can’t really defend your siblings like you want to or talk back. It’s better to walk away and just avoid the situation. As my journey progresses, I notice that everytime I feel something that is just toxic and negative, I get a little nauseous. I feel it in my guts, like I want to expel the energy that I just took in. Like it doesn’t settle with my spirit.

Sometimes we all feel powerless, yeah? That’s why I try not to think about things that I can’t control. In situations like that, it’s better to respond and not react. When you have no control over what is happening, before you react, pause for a breathe and think about the best way that you can respond and then act accordingly. Don’t let your negative emotions lead you.


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