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Back To Square One

Sometimes we feel like we are losing our progress. You could be doing great, feeling at peace, going with the flow. And then a day comes when you say to yourself “I feel like I am losing my peace.” And then days after that, you feel like you aren’t as peaceful as before. You feel like something is off. You are trying to cling on to the little piece of calm left in you. And then you are back to square one. Or at least it feels like it’s square one.

Why are we always comparing though? If you ever felt peace and slowly felt yourself moving out of that space, you compare your progress to your former one. You say “well I don’t feel like I used to so I’m not making any progress.” We forget that nothing ever remains the same and we don’t ever feel the way we used to. Everything changes. It’s a whole new experience, a whole new cycle. Give yourself the space to move in to a new cycle. Don’t try to experience the previous cycle again just because it was a good one.

Let me tell you something. For the fact that you are able to immediately notice when you aren’t fully at peace anymore, for the fact that you are able to begin work to get you back to that stage, the fact that you are able to recognize the signals, the patterns, then you are advancing. You are becoming a better version of you. You are learning the lessons and you are feeling the self love. Because it’s self love that will make you say “no, I don’t want to go back to the way I was before,” or “no, I want to remain in peace and do everything I can to maintain it.” That’s progress and you, my dear, should celebrate it and celebrate yourself. You should be proud of yourself. You are doing the work and experiencing the growth. Surely, you will be achieving the goals.

But as you are working towards it, notice what shifted you out of that space. Sometimes it’s external. Other times, it could be a thought, an action, a situation. Or it could just be the end of a cycle. It could be that you are transitioning and you are unprepared for it. It’s unexpected so you feel unbalanced. And the imbalance begins to grow until you recognize the patterns, until you recognize that you are experiencing something new and so your mindset and your perspective would be different. You are relearning. You aren’t trying to get back into your previous state. Sure you felt peace then, but you felt more than peace. You felt gratitude for different sets of things, you were equipped with the knowledge for different sets of things. So this all feels new. You don’t have the knowledge on how to handle this but you are learning.

When I felt that way, which is quite recently, I began going through my journal and my old tarot messages and intuitive messages that I have written down in this blog and none worked. They just gave me an insight into what I was aiming for; into what mental framework I used to operate in. But they didn’t really help. You know what helped? I can’t remember. It could have been the podcasts that I listened to, or a message that I gained while I was doing work. But I kept putting in the work and the efforts and they paid of. And as long as you don’t give up, and you keep putting in the work too, you will get back into alignment with yourself.

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