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The Art Of Not Giving A F*ck

I have recently began to notice how much I actually care about the opinion of others. I am shedding that. When I do something and worry about how others would react or what they would think about me, I find myself saying “and?” And then what? “Oh I said this thing and now I’m worried how this person would look at me differently” and so what? People are only as important as the value that you place on them. She isn’t important to me. And even if she was, why should I be embarrassed? What could she do or say that would make me any less of who I am? Her opinion of me doesn’t define who I am, or affect me in any way. And not just her but in general.

What others think of me does not reduce my value or my worth or my personality.

No rush. This isn’t a race. Healing takes time. Learn to be patient. Ask guides for guidance. Surrender low self esteem. Surrender to trust. Work in silence.

-So long, A

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