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Procastination Getting The Best Of You?

The main cause of procastination is fear. Fear that if you do something, it wouldn’t be good enough.When you create a beautiful work today, you want your next works to also be beautiful. You begin to demand that from yourself and you lose motivation or get creative block. To overcome that, do one small thing everyday. Draw everyday, paint everyday, sing everyday, make a video everyday. Don’t try to make perfect art. When you do it everyday just for the fun of it, and with no expectations, just because you love doing it, then a great piece wouldn’t matter from a bad one because you didn’t intend for it to happen. You build up the talent and you build up to the beautiful work. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to produce another great piece. Be comfortable making trash art. Be comfortable with not expecting perfection. Fail, create and love.

With building habits, pick one thing and do it everyday. Consistency is the key. Do it until it becomes a part of you. Get a fixed time for it. Just do it. Consistency is what helps to build habits. Also, don’t try to start too many new habits at the same time. That’s where things go wrong. Pick one, work on it for a couple of days and when it becomes a part of your routine, incorporate another habit.

And then, be flexible. Take life as it comes. Just go with the flow. Do what you love doing. Do what you are passionate about, be consistent. When you are in that space of peace, service and letting go of worries, then what you are passionate about will reach its intended audience. The money will flow because you are in a higher vibration and what you desire or what you feel you deserve will come to you naturally.

-Peace, A

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