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Frequencies and Vibrations explained. Plus empathy

We have already concluded that vibrations create matter, tangible and non-tangible. And so those vibrations already exist irrespective of our perceptions. We just have to tune in to the frequencies, the “space” in which those vibrations exist.

Empathy is being open to these frequencies. Being more receptive. It’s easier for you to get lost in someone else’s emotional frequency and that’s why you need to cleanse more frequently than others. If you are one to forget easily, you can carry around objects to help you block out those frequencies, like crystals whose vibrations can be easily programed and are easily receptive to collecting vibrations too. Or you can infuse objects that you have developed a strong link with, with the frequency that you want, with the energy, which in this case is to close you off from unwanted frequencies.

Now this “link” is called energetic bond. Energy is what connects everything. Energy is what makes up vibrations. Energy is all around us, unseen and unfelt. Beneath the curtains, beneath the sadness, beneath the physical body is vibrations and beneath that is energy. And that’s where the law of oneness come in and in the field of quantum physics, the law of interconnectedness. That everything, every atom, every vibration that has ever touched or crossed paths are still connected. And if everything is all connected, then doesn’t that mean there is a little bit of everyone and everything in each other? And if that is the case, aren’t we technically all connected? Aren’t we all just one energetic body?

I also see things like “raise your vibrations.” When you are in a frequency of lack, of negativity, of bad vibes, your vibration doesn’t reduce because you don’t reduce. You are still you. Your vibrations just now has unwanted energies and you are tuned in to negative frequencies. “Raising your vibrations” is about coming back to self, coming back to awareness, to oneness, and tuning back into the right frequencies. So you don’t “raise your vibrations,” you clear it out. You get rid of what you don’t want. And you can bring in good vibrations by doing qi gong, yoga, eating healthy food, maintaining your boundaries and so on. To some, that can feel like they are “raising their vibrations” because they begin to feel better energetically, but they are only just returning back to self.

This is all the message that I have for you today. I hope that this message arrives at those who need it, who are confused and are in need of some clarity because that’s why I am here, to give you clarity as I also give myself clarity.

Until next time.

-Peace, A

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