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Answers to some questions -Beliefs, spirituality and frequency

I am working on my beliefs — Jesus reached Christ consciousness. We are an extension of God but not God. We are God too like how the sun rays are the sun, emitting from the sun but not the whole sun itself. We are all connected in some ways so we are all a part of this endless energetic body.

Everything has consciousness, every atom, electron, vibration.

But not everything has an ego.

Angels and Jesus are pure love — awareness, light beings.

Light beings teach and guide. And that’s where the term “light worker” maybe comes from. Where you, as a human, are meant to teach and guide.

God watches, protects, experiences, gifts and loves.

Aliens are like humans — they all vary in levels of consciousness — intelligence — but they didn’t create us.

Rastafarias, Christains and Muslims grow their hair out. Christians, Muslims and Pagans tie scarves.

Jesus christ, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed all had one thing in common. What? Awareness, Service and Love.

Beneath everythinģ and every religion and belief is love.

Power is love and love is power

They all fast to purify — food gives energy — what you consume (take in and surround yourself with is very important).

Jesus said he was a son of god and was God. Buddha said let go and go be back to source. Who is Krishna. What is Mohammed’s belief?

Jesus had equal love for all so he never married maybe?

What is the point of relationships? To reproduce? To encounter pure love? Maybe when you learn to love one person fully, you can learn to love others.

Are we to have a human experience but at higher frequencies? Our frequency was low and that’s why we were further away from source. Now, we are more awake and so are operating on higher frequencies and is that what is called “5d?” But why term it? Why give significance to what it is called? “5d,” “new earth,” that is where people can begin to go wrong and have cult like mentalities.

5d is just like higher frequencies. We can raise frequency. Negative frequencies are negative emotions and positive frequencies are positive emotions. We raise or fall in frequency depending on what we are feeling but we do that by “changing the channel” to either a good or a bad movie.

That’s why science exists. Or rather, the things we can experience. The universe still needs structure to operate without chaos (out of love sprung chaos but love is greater than chaos) so that we can understand it and return to the highest frequency.

Everything has a frequency. You can change your frequency to wealth or to happiness and wealth will follow because feelings hold more power. Wants backed up by feelings, however, is truly powerful. Dang. And this is what The Secret is talking about (I’m currently reading the book). And that relates to “magick.” But in witchcraft, hoodoo, voodoo, etc, you bring in more energies that are in the frequency of what you want.

Don’t not have fun. Don’t not want things. But do so in good feelings. Do so because it makes you happy, because it brings you closer to source. Have fun — travel, party, have sex, do things that personally nourish your soul. We experience the world from our individual perspectives. What nourishes one might not nourish another. I love working out but I only have the energy to work out like 3 times a week. I am at my third consistent week and I feel stronger. I did 2× more hanging less raises than last week. I feel good energy from it. While some don’t feel healthy if they don’t work out 6 times a week, others absolutely hate working out because they only feel tired not nourished. Some avoid marijuana, and others find it good for their spirit (like me).

When you do the things that make you feel good, when you honor and love yourself, you have good feelings, you are in good frequencies and according to a most natural law, the law of attraction, good things begin to come to you to keep you happy and in good vibrations and round and round it goes. And to think it all started with showing love to yourself, taking care of yourself. Love is power and power is love .

-So long, A

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