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Life is About Having Fun

It’s been a while since I wrote something that truly made me happy. I sometimes this blog exists. But then, I remember, and I write a content, and I think its cheesy, so I don’t post it. Does writing make me happy? I don’t know; I don’t know what truly makes me happy.

Now, on to the less wishy washy stuff, I stumbled upon this blog. It’s called Neghar Fonooni. And in one of her contents, she mentions that we should love our bodies unconditionally, that we should have fun with our bodies. We shouldn’t want to lose weight, or go on a diet, or be fit because of external validation. Eat what makes you happy and what makes your body happy, workout because you know that it’s right for you. Do whatever workout makes you smile. You don’t have to do the same thing as the next person. Just have fun.

Update: Sure there are some serious stuff that goes on and we are all worried about making money and surviving, but when last did you let your hair down and just played? When last did you let your inner child out to wander? When last did you let go of all your worries and let yourself be truly relaxed?

Use today to nourish and nurture yourself. Think of yourself as a seed. You need to water the seed, give it nutrients, give it adequate sunlight, take care of it, and love it.


We are all insecure about one thing or the other. Insecurities are normal. That doesn’t mean we should let them cripple us. Life is too short for that. I know someone that constantly complains about having a “flat ass.” Her insecurity has made her narrow minded. She believes in these words. She’s so focused on them that it’s almost impossible to tell her otherwise. We are what we think. We believe what we think.

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