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New Year, New Me?

I want to live 2020 to the fullest. I have been saying that right from when I could think it. But this year, I want to do something different, something meaningful. I mean, don’t you?

Everyone seems to have sort of given up on the “new year, new me” anthem because that phrase creates too high a standard. It’s telling you that you aren’t enough and that you need to completely erase yourself and be someone new. It’s not possible to be someone new within a year.

I believe the appropriate phrase should be “new year, better me.” Who doesn’t want to be a better version of themselves? Who doesn’t want to acquire new skills and healthy habits? It’s not you starting over. It’s just you adding more to what you have now. Spend all year focusing on your goals and self improvement and see just how much your mentality changes.

My major goals are to perfect five yoga poses and to become more involved in life: events, friends, and random strangers. I’d be a recluse if I can, which is why the second is such a huge deal to me. I just can’t stand people and all the violence and negativity, so I hide behind my blog and books and music and occassionally post pictures on my social media to show people my gorgeous face.

What are yours?

I’ve decided to do this thing where I recommend a book and song at the end of every post.

Song: Mind is a prison by Alec Benjamin
Book: Fragile things: Short Fictions and Wonders by Neil Gaiman

-Yours sincerely, Z

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