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30 days productivity challenge

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

-Helen Keller

Hey, you, yes you. I understand how easy it is to just sit and do nothing all day everyday.My days are literally spent being lazy and playing Call of Duty. And so I challenge you to do something that you haven’t done before. Do something, anything to spice up your life. Do something spicily adventurous.Let me know the results in the comment section below. And to my fellow introverts, yes you are included in these too. I understand how easy it is to just stay inside and isolate yourself but I can assure you that you wouldn’t regret this.

And so it begins, 30 days of new adventures begins from right now.

1. Learn something new

2. Read a chapter of a book

3. Go for a walk

4. Discover new music

5. Meditate

6. Become vegan for a day

7. Talk to an old friend

8. Video call for an hour

9. Donate

10. Feed the homeless

11. Try your hands in poetry

12. Celebrate a small achievement

13. Create a life handbook

14. Work out

15. Drink a green smoothie

16. Take yourself on a date

17. Go see a play

18. 24 hours of silence

19. Write a letter to your future self

20. Try to complete a short story

21. Digital detox day

22. Movie marathon

23. Finish another book chapter

24. Learn a new word

25. Do something you’ve always wanted to do

26. Make a new friend

27. Collect a number

28. Dress to impress (yourself)

29. Give 10 compliments

30. Random Acts of Kindness all day.

Raise your chin and be confident love.

-Yours sincerely, Z

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