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My anti bucketlist

1. Jump into a volcano
2. Jump off a plane without a parachute
3. Go on a shopping spree and leave myself broke
4. Reach my goal weight then eat all the junk food that I find to gain the weight back
5. Travel to a different state and get lost
6. Finish writing a book but forget to add copyright and have it stolen from me
7. Join a gym but never attend. Let my money go to waste
8. Get my driver’s licence but crash a car so it is revoked
9. Whiten my teeth and never brush again
10. Go see a play then streak naked across the stage
11. Finish a 30 days challenge on how to perfectly murder someone
12. Complete a recipe book on 101 ways to cook a human
13. Invest in the stock market then lose my money
14. Break a leg…literally
15. Turn off phone for a digital detox then miss the most important call of my life

-Yours sincerely, Z

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